Despite the national shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), safety is our top priority for all Duke Health team members. These resources outline the appropriate use of PPE and are being updated regularly based on the accessibility of supplies, the number of COVID-19 cases, and new CDC information on the disease and its management.

All of the PPE options—including gowns, earloop masks, and N95 respirators—have gone through the formal DUHS approval process and are safe for use. Healthcare workers may notice differences in the colors and designs of these PPE options, but they all provide the same level of protection for staff.

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PPE Documents Guide

DUHS Recommendations

04.10.20    Recommended PPE for Healthcare Workers Based on Clinical Setting
05.07.20    Appropriate PPE During COVID-19 Response (Infographic)
04.03.20    Recommended PPE when testing for COVID and recommended PPE for non-operating room procedures
04.14.20    High-Risk and Low-Risk Aerosol-Generating Procedures with COVID-19 positive patients (see page 3)
04.10.20    Recommendations for Negative Pressure Rooms and/or HEPA Filtration
04.09.20    Transport of Patients on Special Airborne Contact Precautions
04.22.20    Head Covering PPE Recommendations
04.22.20    Isolation Chart PPE Table
05.08.20    Recommended PPE for Outpatient Management of Asymptomatic Patients
05.28.20    Infection Prevention Guidance to Prevent Team Member Exposure
06.05.20    Special Droplet and Special Droplet & Contact Sign Ordering Reference
07.02.20    Recommended Eye Protection
07.10.20    Recommended Eye Protection FAQs

Donning and Doffing

04.01.20    Inpatient/ED: How to Don and Doff PPE
03.17.20    Inpatient/ED: Required PPE
03.18.20    Donning and Doffing the N95 Respirator in Inpatient Settings: Inpatient Video
04.01.20    Outpatient: How to Don and Doff PPE
03.17.20    Outpatient: Required PPE
03.19.20    Donning and Doffing the N95 Respirator in Outpatient Settings: Outpatient Video
04.03.20    PPE Doffing Procedure: No anteroom, no gloves and/or disinfectant in room at threshold
01.01.20    N95 Seal Check Instructions
06.15.20    Posters: PAPR Instructions for Donning, Doffing and Disinfection
07.07.20    Instructions for Performing Seal Check with a Valved N95 Respirator

Conservation, Reuse, Extended Use, Decontamination and Disinfection 

04.14.20    N95s and Face Shields: Instructions for Extended Use and Reuse
04.06.20    Decontamination Process for N95 Respirator: Video
04.14.20    PAPR Hoods: Instructions for Extended Use, Reuse and Disinfection
05.26.20    Posters: PAPR Instructions for Donning, Doffing and Disinfection
04.20.20    Surgical Face Masks and Face Shields: Instructions for Extended Use and Re-Use
04.15.20    Tip Sheet for Reuse and Extended Use of N95s/PAPR Hoods/Face Masks/Face Shields
03.04.20    Personal Protective Equipment Conservation Strategies
04.22.20    Face Shield Tip Sheet
06.02.20    Forever Face Shield Instructions


04.17.20    Decontamination and Reuse of N95s
04.03.20    Recommendations for Discharging COVID-19 Positive Inpatient Who Continues to Require Isolation Precautions
03.18.20    Suspending Use of Contact Isolation for MRSA and VRE Colonization Patients
04.20.20    Frequently Asked Questions about Duke Health’s Use of Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor for Decontamination of N95 Respirators
05.12.20    PPE FAQs

General Infection Prevention Principles

03.31.20    Approved Masking Protocols: Video
04.17.20    Masking in Common Areas
04.10.20    Wearing and Storing Your Mask
04.07.20    Keeping Yourself and Your Team Members Safe
04.20.20    How to Safely Share Meals with Others at Work During COVID-19 Pandemic
05.12.20    Infection Prevention 101