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This document is the "Know, Share, Do" COVID-19 Daily Updates managers should use during staff huddles on 03.20.20.

The information on this site is intended solely for the internal use by Duke University Health System, its medical staff, clinicians and staff and any and all content or services available on or through this website is prohibited to be shared with external parties with the exception of those marked as patient communications that would be disclosed to patients.
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COVID-19 Leadership Task Force Updates

Friday, March 20, 2020

Please share this information at your Tier 3, 2 and 1 huddles.


What your team members need to know:

  • Our first team member has tested positive for COVID-19. Infection Control and EOHW reached out to all pertinent contacts of this individual, and none of those contacts required testing. The employee was not at work when symptoms developed, followed appropriate notification protocol and is doing well in self-isolation at home.
  • The first patient with COVID-19 was confirmed at Duke Raleigh Hospital. The patient is being cared for by appropriate specialists from our medical team.
  • In accordance with CDC guidelines and to help conserve our supplies, healthy employees do not need to wear a mask in areas outside of isolation rooms.
  • There is updated guidance for healthcare worker PPE for known/suspected COVID-19 patients.
  • Two videos demonstrate the proper procedure for donning and doffing the N95 respirator in inpatient and outpatient settings are now available.
  • Our supply chain team continues to monitor our supply levels to ensure we are appropriately resourced.
  • You will notice differences in the colors and designs of gowns, earloop masks and N95 respirators. All of these PPE options have gone through the formal DUHS approval process and are safe for use.


What to share with your team members:

  • We have been training and preparing for weeks to care for patients with COVID-19 in our environment. Further positive tests are anticipated as the infection spreads. We are committed to providing more training and education to keep our team members and patients safe.
  • Caring for the sick in our communities is our calling; our “why.” A work team focused on well-being is gathering resources to help.


What your team members should do:

  • Use the DQS huddles and the COVID-19 intranet site for daily updates, tools and resources.
  • Reminder: Practice good hand hygiene. If you feel ill, you should stay home. If you have a fever and respiratory symptoms, you must call Employee Health before returning to work.
  • Respond to the workforce capabilities questionnaire that you received from the Learning Management System. This will help us assess skills and capabilities in the event of a workforce redeployment.
  • Duke Health has a media relations policy in place. Please notify your entity command center if you are approached by the news media. Only authorized personnel should engage with the media.
  • When using social media, be aware that existing health system policies apply. Be respectful, professional and uphold our Duke values when you engage in social media.
  • If possible, urge your family and friends to consider donating blood. Healthy, eligible blood donors are urgently needed to replenish our blood supply, which will save countless lives.
  • Always wear your employee badge above your waistband use the staff entrances to avoid going through screening. If you do not have your badge, you will be required to undergo screening.
  • Continue to use your current escalation chains and channels for questions.
  • Recognize your team members and thank them for all their work.