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This document is the "Know, Share, Do" COVID-19 Daily Updates managers should use during staff huddles on 03.23.20.

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COVID-19 Leadership Task Force Updates

Monday, March 23, 2020


What your team members need to know

  • Trends show we should expect an increase in the rise of cases this week. Remember there is no better, more prepared team, than the Duke Health team to respond and provide excellent care to our patients.
  • Updated visitor restrictions go into effect today to protect against the spread of COVID-19. These changes align with updated visitor policies at all Triangle-area health systems. No visitors will be allowed at all Duke hospitals with limited exceptions. The full list of visitor restrictions and limited exceptions can be found on When possible, we will now move to implement all operational changes on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Today, our clinical laboratories plan to go live with our own CDC-validated COVID-19 test. To maximize the value of having a rapid turnaround time (TAT) test, this test should only be ordered on (1) patients that are already in the hospital for whom COVID-19 testing is clinically indicated (2) patients that we expect to admit for whom COVID-19 testing is clinically indicated (3) healthcare workers who need a negative COVID-19 result to return to work and for whom return to work within 24-hours is essential for patient care.
  • We are taking steps to expand the number of employees that are approved to wear the N95 respirator. This week we will be implementing a strategy to achieve fit testing for essentially all of our direct care providers who have never been fit tested.
  • Just-in-time mask seal testing is being made available in clinical settings where suspected COVID-19 patients are receiving care. Seal testing is a proven method to ensure PPE effectiveness, and it should also be practiced by those who have been previously fit tested.


What to share with your team

  • Office supplies should be ordered on Mondays until further notice.
  • In addition to implementing stricter patient and visitor screenings in our hospitals, we will enhance our team member screening procedures, beginning this week. We will work to operationalize additional procedures to screen employees for symptoms of illness before entering our facilities. More information about these screenings will be provided soon.
  • A new tip sheet is available for how provider rounding teams may limit in-room exposure times, number of in-room visits and assist in bundling care for patients on isolation. Review this tip sheet on the COVID-19 intranet site in the document library in the clinical guidance folder.


What your team members should do

  • Join members of the Duke COVID-19 Leadership Task Force for a virtual town hall meeting today at 4:30 pm. This session will feature leaders from Employee Occupational Health & Wellness, Human Resources and Infection Prevention.
  • Wear your ID badge between shoulder and waist with the photo side facing out at all times. Do not let visitors or patients follow you into the buildings through entrances where they would bypass screenings.
  • Use the DQS huddles and the COVID-19 intranet site for daily updates, tools and resources.
  • Reminder: practice good hand hygiene. If you feel ill, you should stay home. If you have a fever and respiratory symptoms, you must call Employee Occupational Health & Wellness before returning to work.
  • Recognize your team members and thank them for all their work.

Please share this information at your Tier 3, 2 and 1 huddles.