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This document is the "Know, Share, Do" COVID-19 Daily Updates managers should use during staff huddles on 03.26.20.

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COVID-19 Leadership Task Force Updates
Thursday, March 26, 2020
Please share this information at your Tier 3, 2 and 1 huddles.


What your team members need to know

  • Recent stay-at-home orders complement our current visitor restrictions and team member screenings.
  • Beginning Thursday morning March 26, we will start to implement team member COVID-19 screenings. Each entity will determine how to best facilitate implementation of screening for their teams.
  • While many huddles are moving to virtual settings, our daily quality management system is essential for sharing important updates and escalating problems or issues. Huddles allow our teams to provide updates from the entity incident command center and gather feedback from all team members, including any problems that are related to our COVID-19 response.


What to share with your team

  • To ensure the safety of our patients and team members, we are beginning to screen all staff members as they arrive for work. They will be asked about symptoms at this time, and we are exploring options to screen for fever.
  • As part of our strategy in these unprecedented times, we continue to explore new ways to enhance communication with our team. To make documents easier to access, we have developed an internet site that our team can use for Duke Health COVID-19 resources.
  • Updated after-visit summary instructions are available for patients who have been tested for or have tested positive for COVID-19 and are able to remain in the outpatient setting. This is available on the new internet page.
  • Due to the risk of cross contamination or exposure, the requirement to obtain a patient/support person’s signature upon discharge is temporarily suspended. This tip sheet is available on the internet page.


What your team members should do

  • Join our virtual town hall today at 12:30 p.m. to hear from our COVID-19 Task Force leaders. We will be addressing current updates in regard to our response efforts and taking questions from team members.
  • It is not necessary for asymptomatic team members to wear masks, gloves and other PPE while at work unless caring for a patient in isolation or have been specifically instructed by Employee Occupational Health & Wellness.
  • Fill out the survey from HR regarding childcare needs so we can work on compiling resources to support our team.
  • Wear your ID badge between shoulder and waist with the photo side facing out at all times. Do not let visitors or patients follow you into the buildings through entrances where they would bypass screenings.
  • Use the DQS huddles and the COVID-19 intranet site for daily updates, tools and resources.
  • Reminder: practice good hand hygiene. 
  • Recognize your team members and thank them for all their work.