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COVID-19 vaccination is now available for administration to inpatients at DRH, including first and second doses of vaccine, per patient or provider request.  Ordering providers should perform a risk assessment to ensure clinical stability of their patients prior to receiving vaccine and request vaccine type based on the patient and/or their preference as well as based on first dose when applicable.  Vaccination should be deferred in patients who have abnormal vital signs, worsened oxygenation status, or acute mental status or functional status changes relative to baseline, active COVID-19 infection, or who have received COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatment within 90 days.
At this time, COVID-19 vaccine administration to DRH inpatients will be coordinated by members of the Clinical Nurse Specialist team with the bedside RN. DRH providers should follow this workflow (link to flow diagram) Monday to Friday by placing a medication message for vaccine administration. We ask that providers initiate this process as soon as appropriate during the patient’s admission so that arrangements can be made for administration prior to the day of discharge.

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