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This document includes a grid and FAQs about the use and reuse of different N95 respirators, which differs based on how and where the N95 is being used. Uploaded 01.16.22.


Required N95 Use for COVID-19 and Other Airborne Pathogens

  • If you are wearing an N95 respirator while caring for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection (or otherwise on Airborne or Special Airborne Contact Isolation), the respirator should be used for the entire shift and discarded at the end of the shift unless visibly soiled, damaged, or fails seal check.  

Optional N95 Use

  • If you choose to wear an N95 respirator for added respiratory protection in place of an ear loop mask, the N95 may be reused for up to 5 shifts; discard it after 5 shifts or sooner if visibly soiled, damaged, or fails seal check.
  • If you are working in the procedural and peri-op environment, the only change to your current allotment and rotation plan is to wait 5 days between uses rather than 3. Additional detail can be found here.
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