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Infographic: Appropriate PPE During COVID-19 Response

This updated infographic provides concise and simplified recommendations for what PPE healthcare workers should wear during the COVID-19 response. This also includes reasonable accommodations for patient/provider masking compliance. Updated 09.14.21

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Recommended Eye Protection

The attached document contains information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding healthcare workers caring for asymptomatic patients in areas of moderate to high community transmission wear eye protection in addition to face masks. Uploaded 09.25.20

PPE, Eye Protection
Recommended Eye Protection FAQs

This document provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding recent recommendations regarding eye protection for healthcare workers. Uploaded 09.25.20

PPE, Eye Protection
Criteria for Adequate Eye Protection

Duke Health recommends the use of eye protection for all staff having direct interaction with patients and visitors. Direct interaction is defined as face-to-face interaction such as entering a patient’s care environment (e.g. exam room, hospital room, bay, etc.) or coming within 6 feet for any duration of time. Face shields are the preferred eye protection as they provide full coverage of the eyes and protect the underlying face mask from potential contamination.

We recognize that some team members are seeking alternatives to face shields. Supply chain issues have made purchase of large quantities of safety goggles challenging. As such, this resource is meant to provide guidance for selecting alternate adequate eye protection to the widely available Duke-approved face shields. Uploaded 09.25.20

PPE, Eye Protection