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Transplant: Guidance for Transplant Recipients and Patients Receiving Immunosuppressive Therapies

This document provides answers to common COVID-19 questions related to transplant recipients and other patients receiving immunosuppressive therapies. Uploaded 03.21.20

Specialty Specific Guidance, FAQs and Talking Points, High-risk Populations
Isolation Procedures and COVID-19 Testing for Asymptomatic Immunocompromised Patients in the Inpatient Setting

This document provides guidance on testing and isolation procedures for the hematopoietic stem cell transplants (HSCT), solid organ transplants (SOT) and acute leukemic patients who are admitted to the hospital. Uploaded 07.02.20

Clinical Guidance and Forms (General), Pediatrics, High-risk Populations
Special Droplet and Special Droplet & Contact Sign Ordering Reference

Special Droplet and Special Droplet & Contact signs are now available for order in Eprint. This document is a reference that provides guidance to order these signs. Uploaded 06.05.20

PPE Signage-Clinical, PPE, Clinical Guidance and Forms (General), High-risk Populations
Federal Medical Complex Inmate Federal Forensic Patient Care

This document can be accessed through the Secure Policy Center. This document outlines care policies and FAQs for the care of forensic patients from Butner Federal Medical Complex (FMC). These policies address the care of an inmate patient who is under the legal custody of law enforcement or a correctional facility. Uploaded 06.05.20

Duke University Hospital, Duke Regional Hospital, Duke Raleigh Hospital, Clinical Guidance and Forms (General), High-risk Populations
Currently Available Therapeutics for the Treatment and Prevention of COVID-19_April 21_2022 Clinical Guidance and Forms (General), High-risk Populations