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Tip Sheet for Reuse and Extended Use of N95s/PAPR Hoods/Face Masks/Face Shields

This tip sheet aims to help healthcare workers better understand protocols for the reuse and extended use of face masks, face shields, N95 respirators and PAPR hoods. Please refer to the full instructions for extended use and reuse of N95s and face shields, PAPR hoods, and face masks and face shields for additional information. Uploaded 04.15.20

PPE, N95, PAPR, PPE Conservation
Frequently Asked Questions about Duke Health’s Use of Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor for Decontamination of N95 Respirators

This document is an FAQ about Duke Health’s process for decontaminating N95 masks. Uploaded 04.21.20

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Reprocessed N95 Respirator Evaluation Form

If you experience any issues with a reprocessed N95 respirator, please fill out this form to help us address the issue and improve our process. Uploaded 10.15.20

N95s and Face Shields: Instructions for Extended Use and Re-Use

This document provides important clarifications on donning and doffing for extended use and re-use of N95s and face shields for all healthcare workers providing care to patients with known or suspected COVID-19 infection. It now includes a table on page 3 of high-risk and low-risk aerosol-generating procedures and what to do with the N95 mask following those procedures. Updated 04.14.20

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N95 Seal Check Instructions

This document illustrates N95 seal check instructions for healthcare workers. While this guide was made for the 3M brand of N95 respirators, the same principles of fit testing apply to other types of respirators. Uploaded 03.30.20

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N95s: FAQs and Key Takeaways on Decontamination and Reuse

This document includes FAQs and key takeaways on our decontamination process for respirators such as N95s. Updated 04.17.20

FAQs and Talking Points, PPE, N95