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Suspending Use of Contact Isolation for MRSA and VRE Colonization Patients

This document is for healthcare workers and explains DUHS' discontinuation of contact precautions for MRSA and VRE colonization patients. Uploaded 03.18.20

PPE, PPE Conservation
Provider Rounding Tips for Patients on Isolation

This document is for healthcare providers and lists tips for provider rounding teams to limit in-room exposure times and number of in-room visits and to assist in bundling care for patients in isolation. Uploaded 03.22.20

Clinical Guidance and Forms (General), PPE Conservation
Duke University Hospital Conservation of Thermometers and Stethoscopes

This document lists the instructions to help conserve thermometers and stethoscopes used for all isolation patients at Duke University Hospital. Uploaded 04.06.20

Clinical Guidance and Forms (General), Operations and Visitation, Duke University Hospital, PPE Conservation
Tip Sheet for Reuse and Extended Use of N95s/PAPR Hoods/Face Masks/Face Shields

This tip sheet aims to help healthcare workers better understand protocols for the reuse and extended use of face masks, face shields, N95 respirators and PAPR hoods. Please refer to the full instructions for extended use and reuse of N95s and face shields, PAPR hoods, and face masks and face shields for additional information. Uploaded 04.15.20

PPE, N95, PAPR, PPE Conservation
PPE Conservation Strategies for COVID-19

This document is for healthcare workers and includes recommendations to limit unnecessary mask use. Uploaded 03.21.20

PPE, PPE Conservation