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Periop Case Conduct COVID-19 Process

This document is for perioperative staff and contains guidelines for assessing all non-leveled surgical cases at Duke Health hospitals and surgery centers. Uploaded 03.21.20

Testing Guidance, Periop Testing
Ophthalmology: Point of Care Testing Flowchart - Eye Center Urgent Clinic

This is flowchart depicts the process for patients who have been examined in an ophthalmology clinic, needs surgery, and the patient is ready for COVID-19 testing. Uploaded 05.11.20

Specialty Specific Guidance, Testing Guidance, Periop Testing
Patient Letter – COVID-19 Test Refusal Prior to Procedure

This document is a letter to provide patients scheduled for elective procedures who refuse COVID-19 testing. For the care and safety of our patients, visitors, and staff, Duke Health providers will not schedule, or will cancel, elective procedures for patients who refuse pre-procedural COVID-19 testing. Uploaded 05.29.20

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Duke Health Pre-operative and Pre-Procedural Guidelines for COVID-19 Testing

The purpose of this document is to outline the Duke Health recommendations for the use of testing for surgical and non-surgical procedures. The following recommendations apply to all Duke Health patients > 3 days old undergoing the following procedures: bronchoscopy, transesophageal echocardiography, electrical cardioversion, electrophysiology procedures requiring general anesthesia, electroconvulsive therapy, upper and lower endoscopy, fluoroscopically guided enteric tube placements, and interventional radiology procedures requiring anesthesia. Uploaded 08.04.20

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Discontinuing Pre-operative and Pre-procedural COVID-19 Testing at DUHS

In light of increased COVID-19 vaccination rates, increased availability of N95 respirators, decreased community incidence of COVID-19 infections, and decreased COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths, Duke Health will discontinue pre-procedure and pre-operative COVID-19 testing in June for patients not requiring admission. This document gives more detail about N95 use in peri-operative and procedures spaces and includes an FAQ. Effective Tuesday, June 1, 2021, only gastroenterology pre-operative and pre-procedural COVID-19 testing will be discontinued. Effective Monday, June 14, 2021, all other pre-operative and pre-procedural COVID-19 testing will be discontinued as well. Uploaded 05.28.21.

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Managing children with respiratory symptoms in Periop - Fall/Winter 2021

This document outlines Duke Health's recommendation for managing children with respiratory symptoms prior to an operative procedure for Fall/Winter 2021. Uploaded 08.23.21. 

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