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A guide to help support supervisors / managers and employees with establishing telecommuting arrangements. Uploaded 03.21.20

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For Managers: Telecommuting during COVID-19

This resource guide is to help support supervisors and employees with establishing telecommuting arrangements for your eligible staff that help us safely and effectively meet the public health challenge presented by COVID-19.


Who is eligible to work from home?

Non-exempt and exempt employees are eligible, based upon their manager/supervisor’s discretion.

Who should be encouraged to work from home?

Eligible employees should be instructed to work from home by their supervisors unless their role requires them to be onsite. Use the questions below to think about job function and the equipment and technology needed to support it.

What to consider

  • What work can transition to a remote setting? What can’t?
  • What are the essential priorities, given the current situation?
  • Will the person be using DUHS-owned equipment, personal equipment, or a combination of both?
  • How should the staff member communicate with you and the team during this time?
  • How will work be measured, and performance standards discussed?
  • What will be the work schedule? Does the staff member need to be available during specific hours of the day?
  • Check any personal bias you may have concerning employees seeking to integrate their work and life.
  • Is an employee a less “serious” or effective employee if they have non-work responsibilities or activities?



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