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A guide for staff with tips on how to effectively work remotely. Uploaded 03.21.20

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For Employees: Telecommuting during COVID-19

What to discuss with your leader

  • What work can transition to a remote setting? What can’t?
  • What are my essential priorities, given the current situation?
  • Will I be using Duke-owned equipment, my personal equipment, or a combination of both?
  • How should I communicate with you and the team during this time?
  • How will my work be measured, and performance standards discussed?
  • What is my work schedule? Do I need to be available during specific hours of the day?
  • Under what circumstances could I potentially be called back into work?

Tips for working remotely

This page from DHTS has what you need to know to work remotely.

  1. How do I connect to Duke from home?

    If you have a Duke-owned device (like a laptop), you may need to use VPN for remote connectivity…but be judicious. Do not use VPN if it is not necessary. If you must use it, disconnect as soon as you are done. A table on the first page of the tech guide explains when VPN use is necessary.

    Duke Health employees can request VPN access by following the instructions in this guide…but remember, you can use many systems and applications without using VPN.

    All employees must comply with our security and confidentiality requirements.

  2. How do I forward my Duke desktop phone to another phone number?

    Information here: Phones: forward desktop to another phone number

  3. How do I clock in from home?

    Click here to access API Time & Attendance Instructions.

  4. How do I set up my home workspace?

Here are a few things to consider when setting up your home office:

  • Is your space located away from major family activity and free from distractions?
  • Does your space allow for privacy and protection of Duke Health information? Is your computer screen visible to others?
  • You may be asked to use video during WebEx meetings. Is what others will see in your workspace supportive of Duke Health values and guidelines?
  • Is your space ergonomically safe and efficient?


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