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This document is for EVS team members and provides guidance on how to treat medical waste, PPE and linen in rooms of patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. Uploaded 03.16.20

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DUHS COVID-19 Waste & Linen Management Disposal Guidelines

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on how to treat regulated medical waste (RMW), personal protective equipment (PPE) and linen generated in rooms of patients who are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19.


Regulated Medical Waste (Sharps)

Disposable Sharps containers should be placed in the red bag and disposed as RMW.

Regulated Medical Waste (Non-Sharps)

Place directly in red bag and dispose as RMW per current procedure in biohazard container.


PPE and non-PPE items should be discarded as general trash. Remove/reprocess per usual procedures.


Reprocess per usual procedures. Place dirty linen in blue bag, transport covered to designated storage for pick up by facility designee, then transported to designated area for reprocessing by linen company.

For RMW packaging and guidance for other material, refer to Stericycle instructions on their website:

DUHS COVID-19 Waste & Linen Management Disposal Guidelines 3/16/20