New HealthCheck App Streamlines Team Member Health Screenings

On August 19, 2020, Duke Health introduced a new mobile app to streamline the daily health screening process for team members at all three of our hospitals. Use of the app is optional, but it will provide our staff with quick and easy access to enter our clinical sites each day. 

Duke HealthCheck AppThe HealthCheck app allows team members to verify their health status by answering screening questions on their mobile devices before arriving to work. The app generates a "digital pass" that team members may show screeners when entering the facility.

Currently, team members enter Duke’s clinical facilities via a formal screening process that begins with them sanitizing their hands and putting on a mask. Then, they answer a series of questions and undergo a temperature check. Upon successful completion of the screening, they receive a sticker to display on their ID badge, verifying their approved access to the facility.

With HealthCheck, team members will answer symptom and potential exposure-related questions on their mobile device prior to arriving at the point of screening. After sanitizing their hands and putting on a mask, healthy team members will simply present the app’s digital pass – which is valid for 14 hours – to receive their sticker for the day. This allows for a quicker screening process.

As always, if you are feeling ill, it is critical that you not report to work. All team members must answer every question to the best of their ability and report any symptoms they are experiencing. As a part of this new process, the app will ask team members if they have a fever or if they are feeling feverish. This question will now replace the daily temperature check. We will continue to take the temperature of all patients and visitors entering the building, as well as those employees who do not use the HealthCheck app.

Team members who report exhibiting symptoms in the app will be denied clearance for work before arriving to their work site, saving time and helping reduce the spread of infection. The app provides helpful information for these employees and directs them to notify their manager and call the Duke Health COVID-19 Hotline.

How to download and use the HealthCheck app

All team members who work at a Duke Health clinical location with a formal screening process can download HealthCheck in the Apple Store for IOS mobile devices or the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices.

App StoreGoogle Play store
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use the HealthCheck app.

View the short video above to learn more about how to download the app and use it to check in for screening daily.

For those currently using the Duke OIT SymMon mobile app, you can continue to use that for entry to the hospitals and do not need to also download the HealthCheck app.


Are team members required to use the app?
No, but they are strongly encouraged to use the app with a compatible mobile device.

If the digital pass is only valid for 14 hours, what should employees do if their shift exceeds this time limit?
If a work shift exceeds 14 hours, the employee should complete the screening questions again in the HealthCheck app to renew their digital pass.

Will the app have the ability to track the location of my mobile device?
No, the app does not track the location of your mobile device. You can answer these questions and receive your COVID-19 Pass anywhere before reporting to your work site location.

Can the app access information or other apps on my mobile device?
The app was completely designed and developed by Duke Health Technology Solutions, and it cannot access information or other apps on mobile devices. 

I’m affiliated with the either the School of Medicine or School of Nursing that use the SymMon app. Do I continue to also use the SymMon app if I use the HealthCheck app?
Yes, Duke School of Medicine and School of Nursing affiliated personnel working in Duke Health facilities must continue to use the Duke OIT SymMon mobile app for compliance reasons associated with daily symptom monitoring. For those currently using the Duke OIT SymMon mobile app, you can continue to use that for entry to the hospitals and do not need to also download the HealthCheck app.