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6.23.20 at 9 AM:Taking care of you

Duke Health appreciates our entire team's engagement in our ongoing COVID-19 response effort. A variety of important resources are available to help support your health and well-being. More »

6.22.20 at 7 AM: Inpatient masking
All inpatients should wear a Duke-issued mask when a team member enters their room as well as when traveling to and from procedures. Masks should be replaced each day or when soiled. Behavioral health patients or patients who are unable to tolerate a mask are not required to wear it. This resource is available to provide our patients with more information about this update and other operation updates we've made to minimize the spread of illness in our hospitals.

6.19.20 at 5 PM: 8 East and 8 West to Move to Duke Central Tower

Over the past few weeks, we have seen an upward trend of COVID-19 cases at Duke University Hospital and an increase in patients requiring ICU care. To prepare for this surge, we worked closely with the construction team for Duke Central Tower to reprioritize work to transform the new building into a safe environment to care for patients.

On Saturday, June 20, patients and their care teams on 8 West will be relocated to the new Duke Central Tower. Patients and care teams on 8 East will move to the Central Tower on Saturday, July 18. This change will allow us to increase our ICU capacity by 56 beds.

Thanks to all of our team members who have helped to make this effort in our response possible.

We recognize that caring for patients in a new and unfamiliar environment can be concerning, and we appreciate all of our team members who have worked to make this effort in our ongoing COVID-19 response possible.

6.19.20 at 10 AM: Face Coverings on Duke Buses
Beginning Monday, June 22, wearing face coverings on our buses will be mandatory. Individuals who are not wearing face coverings will not be allowed to board the bus. This comes as the COVID-19 infection rate continues to trend up in North Carolina. Masking is one of the best defenses we have against transmission. COVID-19 spreads mainly from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. Studies and evidence on infection control report that these droplets can travel around 6 feet. Face coverings can help to slow the spread of the virus and prevent people who don't know they are infected from transmitting it to others.

6.9.20 at 2:30 PM: Pharmacy Curbside Pickup
DUH outpatient pharmacies are offering curbside pickup for patients who are coming to our hospital only to pick up their medications.

6.9.20 at 10 AM: CenTrak RTLS DUH Upgrade Will Take Place Today Between 11 am to 2 pm
During the upgrade, the Nurse Call System will not be down. Only the ability to see staff locations in the Nurse Call (R5) System and the ability for the RTLS CenTrak Staff Tag/Badge to cancel alerts from within the patient’s room will be impacted. When responding to a call, staff will need to press the “Cancel” buttons in patient rooms in order to cancel the call and stop normal R5 call escalations. Also, the Dome Lights outside rooms will not illuminate to show a staff member present in the room.

6.8.20 at 10 AM: Emotional Support and Well-Being Hours
The COVID-19 Emotional Support & Well-Being Line is now open 8 a.m.-9 p.m., Monday through Friday and 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. The hotline is staffed by a team of advanced clinical psychology interns, social workers and faculty in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences to provide practical resources for support.

6.5.20 at 4:15 PM: Don't Forget to Return Your N95
To have the supplies we need, it is essential that you place your used N95 mask in the appropriate bin for reprocessing at the following times: end of shift, after performing an aerosol-generating procedure and if contamination occurs during patient care.

It is important to not wear any makeup – including facial oils, moisturizers, shaving balm – because these products can make the masks appear soiled, even after the decontamination process. 

6.5.20 at 11 AM: "Healthcare Hero" Friday Announcements
The Code "Healthcare Hero" announcement can be heard each Friday at approximately 12:30 p.m. This is a time to celebrate the number of COVID-19 patients discharged from our hospital in the previous week and to recognize the incredible care our team members are providing.

6.4.20 at 2 PM: Drive-up Testing Tent
We are entering the season when summer storms can occur quickly. For the safety of our patients and team members, it may become necessary to close the COVID-19 drive-up testing tent in the Graduate Center parking lot with short notice. If this happens, patients will be instructed to wait in their cars until the storm passes. If necessary, patient appointments will be rescheduled accordingly.  

6.4.20 at 7 AM: Point of Care Testing for Direct Admissions
Point of care COVID-19 testing started Monday, June 1 for direct admissions from outside facilities such as other hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, as well as for some patients coming for certain radiology procedures or studies. If you have questions, contact the Transfer Center at 919-681-3440.

5.28.20 at 9 AM: Guidance for Interpreter Services on Duke-issued tablets
Duke Health provides single-use tablets for hospitalized COVID-19 patients to help them communicate with their care team while limiting face-to-face encounters and conserving PPE.

If scheduled before entering a patient's room, Interpreter Services can connect to a patient or provider tablet via Jabber to facilitate communication. This document provides guidance and outlines this workflow for DUH.

5.27.20 at 12:30 PM: DUH Rauland Nurse Call R5 System Servers Being Rebooted Wednesday (5.27.20), 1:00 pm to 2:20 pm.
Zebra and Cisco phones used with the Rauland R5 Nurse Call System at DUH will not receive R5 Nurse Call messages. Staff will need to watch their assigned room lights and respond in person to patient rooms.

When the work and system testing is complete this page will be sent to the DUH Charge Nurse paging group: Zebra and Cisco phones used with the Rauland R5 Nurse Call System at DUH are receiving R5 Nurse Call messages. DUH Rauland Nurse Call R5 server work is complete. 

5.26.20 at 3 PM

We celebrated a COVID-19 miracle yesterday when new mom Takia Morrison left Duke University Hospital to go home and meet her seven-week-old son for the first time.
Back in late March, Takia noticed that she couldn't taste her food. About a week later, she started feeling unwell. Takia, 38 weeks pregnant, ended up being admitted to the hospital and and her baby was delivered by emergency c-section on April 3. Soon after, Takia was airlifted to Duke.
There's a lot that Takia doesn't remember about the last several weeks, especially the time spent on our COVID unit, with interventions that included a tracheostomy tube, prone positioning and ECMO life support. When Takia woke up in our ICU, she didn't know where she was. But she realized she wasn't pregnant anymore, and was relieved to learn that her baby was safe and healthy at home. It was a lot to grasp.
Takia has been able to FaceTime with her new baby, and is glad to hear that her 10-year-old daughter is being a big help with her little brother. But she's excited to see them in person. Although she was definitely ready to leave the hospital, Takia had high praise for her Duke care team. "They have been wonderful. I couldn’t imagine being in any other hands. You can't have your family with you, and you're here by yourself, but I never felt alone. They cheered me on, motivated me and checked on me all the time. Even after I moved out of the ICU, the nurses and doctors and respiratory therapists still came by to check on me. They would stand outside the window and wave. I’ll miss them.”
It took an extraordinary effort by many of our team members working together to care for Takia. Many lives were touched. Take a moment to watch the heartwarming celebration when the DUH care teams lined the halls with cheers and pom-poms as Takia was wheeled out of our hospital on the way to a joyful reunion with her family.

5.26.20 at 9:30 AM: Equipment distribution ordering information: To obtain HEPA filters or PAPR machines, we are returning to the normal process of ordering via the Equipment Management portal. This change is effective immediately.

For standard equipment requests, use the Equipment Request Portal: The Hotline number (919-681-6097) is for emergency situations only.

Please expect delivery time for the request to be approximately 20-30 minutes. We are currently unable to support Air Boss PAPR machines with hoods. Those machines will need to be returned to equipment management.

5.19.20 at 11:05 AM: Guidelines Related to Working in Shared Spaces

Please be mindful of the following guidelines related to working in shared spaces, eating in break rooms and other similar situations.

  • Wear your mask at all times when not actively eating or drinking.
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from others when possible.
  • Clean your hands with soap and water before and after eating.
  • Follow safe food handling practices.
  • Limit the number of people sharing a table to maintain six feet of physical distance.
  • Leave the break room, lounge or common area when you have finished eating.
  • Minimize the amount of time you spend unmasked with others while eating or drinking to 10 minutes when possible.
  • Clean shared surfaces and equipment at the beginning of your shift and frequently throughout the day.

5.18.20 at 08:23 AM

On Monday, May 18, 2020, we will welcome back more of our patients and team members as we continue to enhance access to our hospital and ambulatory clinics. Our screening process remains in effect for all patients, visitors and team members entering our hospital or clinics. Please allow extra time to complete the screening process.

Team members should use the following main hospital and clinic entry points, where they will be screened:

  • Duke North main entrance – open 24/7
  • Duke Medicine Pavilion (DMP) – open 24/7
  • Duke Clinic – open Monday-Friday, 6 AM to 6 PM
  • Eye Center – open 24/7
  • PG2 tunnel – team member screening daily from 6 AM - 9 PM

The Emergency Department, Cancer Center and Children's Health Center are approved entry points for patients and visitors only.

Everyone is required to follow this screening process:

  • Sanitize hands
  • Put on a mask
  • Answer symptom-specific questions to assess potential COVID-19 risk
  • Complete a temperature check using touchless infrared thermometers
  • Sanitize hands again

Patients who screen positive will be allowed to proceed to their appointment but will not be given a visitor wristband. If a visitor or team member screens positive, they will be instructed to leave the facility and call the Duke COVID-19 hotline at 919-385-0429 for next steps. Team members should also call their manager.

Reminder: Team members must have their Duke ID badge with them in order to enter the facility and begin their shift. Anyone arriving without a badge will be asked to leave and retrieve it.

We appreciate your patience and support in our ongoing COVID-19 response. We're also grateful for our team members working to screen everyone and remind staff to be courteous and respectful to others as well as maintain physical distancing during this daily process.

5.11.20 at 12:15 PM

Beginning today, Duke University Hospital is implementing the next phase of our screening process. All patients, visitors and team members entering our hospital or clinics will continue to be required to sanitize their hands, wear a mask and answer symptom-specific questions to assess their potential COVID-19 risk prior to entry. In addition, daily temperature checks – using touchless infrared thermometers – will be added to our screening protocol.

If a visitor or team member screens positive, they will be asked to leave the facility and instructed to call the Duke COVID-19 hotline at 919-385-0429 for next steps. Team members who screen positive will be directed to call the hotline for next steps and report their status to their manager or leader. Physicians and residents should report positive screenings to their clinical leader.
Reminder: Team members must have their Duke ID badge with them in order to enter the facility and begin their shift. Anyone arriving without a badge will be asked to leave and retrieve it.

5.6.20 at 1 PM: Patient, Visitor and Employee Screenings
All patients, visitors and team members entering the clinic or hospital are being asked symptom-specific questions and are required to wear a mask at all times on our campus to reduce the spread of illness. Beginning today, Duke University Hospital will also be piloting temperature screenings for all team members are two designated entrances. We are testing different approaches and will learn from best practices as we move to a standard process.
Reminder: Employees that do not present their badge during the screening process will be asked to leave the facility. They will not be able to enter until they are able to show their badge.

5.6.20 at 9 AM

Duke University Hospital is pleased to welcome Bull City Burger as a guest restaurant in the Atrium Cafeteria from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. beginning today, May 6 through May 15, 2020. They will be offering their gourmet burgers, fresh battered crispy chicken sandwiches, dirty fries as well as an assortment of burritos from their latest take out menu. Please stop by the Atrium Cafeteria for lunch to support this local restaurant.
About Bull City Burger and Brewery
Bull City Burger and Brewery is a locally owned, independent restaurant and craft brewery located at 107 East Parrish Street in downtown Durham, NC. They serve only pasture-raised beef and make everything in house except ketchup. There is no high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, hydrogenated oils or artificial anything. Learn more at:

5.5.20 at 11:12 AM: PPE Observer Standard Work
Trained observers serve as a support to clinical staff providing care to highly infectious patients. The primary role is to monitor the safe practice and use of personal protective equipment. It is the responsibility of the trained observer to mitigate donning and/or doffing errors before a potential exposure occurs. View the PPE Observer Standard Work document for guidance.  

5.4.20 at 11:32 AM

Applications are now being accepted for the Duke Health COVID-19 Dependent Care Financial Assistance Fund to help team members offset the costs of dependent care during our COVID-19 response efforts. Applications are being accepted through May 29. All Duke Health Team Members in good standing are eligible to apply. To learn more or view the application, click here.

5.1.20 at 5:30 PM: Town Hall Meeting
Thank you to all of our team members who were able to join the DUH Town Hall on April 29. If you missed this session, you’re welcome to view the recording. Please join us for our next virtual town hall on Monday, May 4 at 4:30 p.m. We will provide more information about our panelists and a link to join the town hall soon.

4.27.20 at 9:30 AM: Appreciation Parade Celebrates DUH Team Members
Local emergency, maintenance and support vehicles will form a parade across the Duke University Hospital campus beginning at noon today to honor team members for their hard work and dedication in our COVID-19 response.

Official first responder and other service vehicles will process through our campus with lights and sirens to show the community’s appreciation for our frontline staff. The event will also highlight the vital partnership between Duke University Hospital and other local teams to fight COVID-19 every day.

4.23.20 at 11 AM: Support for Emotional Well-being
During these uncertain times and a rapidly-changing environment created by COVID-19, helping our team members maintain their resilience and care for themselves and their families is a top priority. Visit the intranet site for valuable information and resources to help our staff care for themselves so that they can care for their families and our patients.

4.22.20 at 11 AM: Rauland Nurse Call R5 Server Upgrade
On Wednesday, April 22 from 1:00 PM - 2:20 PM, there will be mandatory monthly Microsoft security patch installations. During this time, Zebra and Cisco phones will not receive R5 Nurse Call messages. Normal wireless calls can continue to be made and received. Staff should watch assigned room lights and respond in person when patients make any Nurse Call System calls. Patient room call buttons, Code Blue calls and hall lights will continue to work. There should be no downtime for consoles or patient room devices. The DUH charge nurse paging group will receive a reminder message prior to the maintenance at 11 AM. The group will receive another pager message when the work and system testing is complete.

4.21.20 at 5:20 PM: Screening process at Duke University Hospital
To improve the process, we've have develop a standardized screening process for all entry points. The following process should be used at all entrances: 

  • Sanitize your hands 
  • Receive your mask 
  • Answer the screening questions 
  • Place your screening dot on your badge 
  • Sanitize your hands after you have put your mask on and placed your dot 

Please note: the masks will handed to you by a screener who has sanitized their hands or is wearing gloves or it will be on the table and your will be asked to pick up your mask with sanitized hands. Both methods are correct and safe. 

4.17.20 at 2:15 PM: Delivery Changes at DUH
To align with the Vendor Management Policy, all deliveries to Duke University Hospital must use the Duke North/DMP loading dock or the North Pavilion front entrance as the primary delivery location. Special accommodations for deliveries to a different location can be made by submitting inquiries to

Staples Delivery Changes
Effective immediately, Staples will temporarily suspend desktop deliveries throughout Duke Hospital. To ensure timely delivery of supplies, an internal team will work directly with Staples to receive the shipment and provide desktop deliveries throughout DUH. 

Please submit all inquiries regarding Staples orders (past or present) to For urgent delivery assistance, call 984-245-6389. 

At this time, there are no other changes in the delivery process for other parcel services such as UPS and FedEx.

4.16.20 at 2:15 PM: Human Resources Updates

Duke University Dress Code Policy
Team members must wear their Duke ID badge above the waist with name and photo clearly visible at all times. Staff are also expected to wear a badge buddy, to support role clarity, as appropriate. Learn more

Virtual Onboarding Portal
The Human Resources department has recently developed a virtual onboarding portal. This tool was created to promote consistency and efficiency in our onboarding process for new staff. Learn more

Zoom Virtual Interviews
In response to COVID-19, Duke University Hospital will transition to virtual interviews for non-nursing job openings. Our Central Recruitment team is available to provide assistance with setting up these interviews. Learn more

Virtual Orientation
Duke University Hospital has launched a virtual new hire orientation to provide new staff with the information they need to get started with DUH. Learn more

4.16.20 at 8:45 AM: Rauland R5 Nurse Call Maintenance

  • Maintenance period: 9 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Program change to add beds to certain DMP units
  • Nurse Call System will NOT be down
  • Code Blue, tones and lights will function as normal
  • Minimal to no interruption of calls from patient rooms
  • Brief reboot of system when changes are complete

4.14.20 at 12:30 PM: Redeployment of Team Members
As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, our region is expected to experience the volume surges we are seeing around the country. As we anticipate large increases in patient volumes in the coming days and weeks, there is a high chance of redeployment for both clinical and non-clinical DUHS and PDC employees. If you are called to be redeployed, the Staffing Hub will work closely with you and your local leader to make sure you are well prepared in advance of your redeployment.

4.14.20 at 8:33 AM: Patient Off-Unit Restrictions
For the safety of our patients and team members, we have enhanced the visitor and patient off-unit restrictions. Patients are not permitted to leave the hospital and return to their room. If a patient exits beyond the security checkpoint, it will be considered a discharge Against Medical Advice (AMA). If the patient has ongoing care needs, they will be instructed to return to the Emergency Department. View the information flyer for patients.

4.10.20 at 3 PM: Ear Loop Masks
Due to the increased supply of ear loop masks, we are no longer collecting them for reprocessing. However, we must continue to be mindful and diligent in our strategies to conserve our supply during this challenging time. 

4.10.20 at 10 AM: Food Donations
As a sign of appreciation, many local businesses are donating meals and other gifts to our healthcare workers.
For the safety of our team members and patients, and in consideration of our valued business partners, please do not contact these organizations to request donations for your units and departments. All food donations must follow our approval process, therefore please do not accept food deliveries unless pre-arranged by your leader. If you have questions or suggestions about food donations, contact

4.9.20 at 12:30 pm: Managing Difficult Conversations
During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, emotions are high among patients, their loved ones and our team members. Recognizing these feelings and responding with empathy can improve the experience for our patients and team members. View tips to help you respond.

4.9.20 at 8:46 AM: Wristband Color
The Duke University Hospital visitor wristband color for today, April 9 is purple.

4.9.20 at 8 AM: Patient Off-Unit Restrictions
For the safety of our patients and team members, we have enhanced the visitor and patient off-unit restrictions. Patients are not permitted to leave the hospital and return to their room. If a patient exits beyond the security checkpoint, it will be considered a discharge Against Medical Advice (AMA). If the patient has ongoing care needs, they will be instructed to return to the Emergency Department. View the information flyer for patients.

4.8.20 at 2:40 PM: Green Gown Process
Please follow the guidelines for proper disposal of the green gowns for units. Supply chain will remove the bags from the soiled utility and empty the cabinets daily.

4.8.20 at 9:30 AM: Conserving Thermometers and Stethoscopes 
To help conserve thermometers and stethoscopes used for all isolation patients, please view these instructions.

Units should:

  1. Place used thermometer and stethoscope in plastic bag labeled "used thermometer and stethoscope"
  2. Place the used thermometer and stethoscope bag on top of the isolation cart when returned

Note: Thermometers are not for oral or rectal use. They should only be used for axillary temperatures.

4.6.20 at 8:32 AM: NP Swabs for Inpatients
To assist with COVID-19 testing, a designated Swab Squad will be collecting all NP swabs for on all adult and pediatric inpatients.

How it works
When the provider places the test order, the unit will contact the OA. The OA will contact the Swab Squad to collect the sample.
Questions? Call 984-245-6386.

4.3.20 at 12:40 PM: Redeployment Availability
Duke University Hospital HR team is working to identify and redeploy team members in other positions as the needs arise. Managers are asked to complete the Redeployment Availability Form by Friday, April 3, 2020 for employees who are currently are in a paid status, but are not physically working some or all of their regular scheduled hours. Managers that have an employee that fits into a high risk categories will also need to complete and sign the High Risk Redeployment Form. This will allow us to build a robust database for redeployment opportunities.
We appreciate your partnership with the redeployment efforts.

4.1.20 at 3:45 PM: PPE products
As we transition to collecting N95 respirators and PAPR hoods for reuse, it is important to understand how wearing facial products can make the masks appear soiled even after the decontamination process. 

For this reason, we ask that workers who will be wearing N95s and PAPR hoods during their shift refrain from wearing makeup, facial lotions and moisturizers, shaving balm and aftershaves, beard oils, or any other product that may affect the masks' ability to be recycled.

In addition, team members who are provided an N95 mask should not place any markings on the mask and should place the mask in the appropriate bin at the end of the workday.
*Please note: At this time, only Duke-issued respirators, masks and other PPE products are allowed. These hospital-grade items have been reviewed and approved by our OESO and Infection Prevention teams.

4.1.20 at 1:45 PM: Parking Update
To alleviate parking issues and concerns, effective April 1, the following temporary adjustments have been made:

  • Permit holders in Parking Garage III (PG3) and R2 lot (Best Products) will be provided temporary access at no additional cost to Parking Garage II (PG2).
  • Permit holders in R1C and R1D lot (Hillsborough Road) and R1A and R1B lot (Grey Stone Church) and H lot will be provided temporary access at no additional cost to visitor parking in Parking Garage I (PG1).

Employees will be notified of these changes by email. Thank you for your patience as we make these improvements for our team members.

3.30.20 at 9 AM: Share your gratitude - #ThankYouDukeHealth
Healthcare workers around the world are the frontline heroes during this extraordinary time of COVID-19. Share a note or short video on social media to thank a friend, neighbor and other healthcare workers on social media using #ThankYouDukeHealth. We'll share them to celebrate Doctors Day on Monday, March 30.

3.29.20 at 8 PM: Designated entrances on the Duke University Hospital campus
To protect our patients and team members, please use one of the following entrances to complete a screening prior to entering the facility:

  • Duke North main entrance – open 24/7
  • Duke Medicine Pavilion (DMP) – open 24/7
  • Duke Clinic – open weekdays, 6 AM-6 PM for patients and visitors only 
  • Eye Center – open 24/7 (this entrance has been adjusted for team members) 
  • Emergency Department – open 24/7 for patients and visitors only 

Please note: The Children's Health Center entrance has been closed. The Cancer Center entrance will be closed to all traffic beginning March 30.

3.28.20 at 1 PM: Recorded virtual town hall 
View the recorded virtual town hall from Thursday, March 26 at 12:30 PM.
The next virtual town hall will be held on Monday, March 30 at 4:30 PM.
Submit your questions to

3.27.20 at 8 AM: Employee Screening 
The first phase of employee screening was activated today. Employees are required to use designated main entrances. Managers are asked to screen team members within their respective units or department by asking the following questions:

  • Are you experiencing any flu-like symptoms?
  • Outside of work, have you been in contact with someone known to have COVID-19?

Team members who screen positive through their answers to these questions will be instructed to leave the facility and call the Duke COVID-19 hotline for next steps.

3.26.20 at 3:08 PM: DUH retail pharmacies
In order to promote social distancing, the following temporary changes will take effect at DUH retail pharmacies on Friday, March 27.

Duke Children’s Retail Pharmacy (First Floor – Children’s Health Center)

  • Modified operating hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Duke Outpatient Pharmacy (First Floor – Duke Clinic)

  • Meds to Beds service – no weekend availability
  • Discharge prescriptions can be filled and picked up from the Children’s Retail Pharmacy until 4:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday

Duke Outpatient Pharmacy will be the preferred pharmacy for Duke employee prescriptions until further notice. Prescriptions can be mailed upon request.

3.26.2020 at 7:56 AM: PPE Video from the COVID-19 Task Force Leadership


We want to make sure you feel confident in our approach and secure in your protective equipment. View the video from our COVID-19 task force leadership for answers to your questions regarding our current and potential policies for using PPE.

3.25.2020 at 10 AM: Vendor Screening and Restrictions

  • Perioperative vendors - Only one vendor representative identified as essential for a procedure will be permitted in patient care or procedural areas. All vendors are required to undergo visitor screening every day. They must also check in with Supply Chain at DN0601.
  • DME vendors - Required to have an appointment and should undergo visitor screening every day at a main entrance.
  • Duke North Pavilion - Duke North Pavilion loading dock remains closed. All vendors should continue to proceed to the main entrance of Duke North Pavilion to complete the appropriate screening.
  • All other vendors - Should proceed to the Duke South or the Duke North / Duke Medicine Pavilion loading dock to complete the appropriate screenings for deliveries.

3.24.2020 at 12:14 PM: PPE for Asymptomatic Health Care Workers
The safety of our patients and team is our top priority, and we are aligning our personal protective equipment (PPE) distribution with CDC recommendations and best practices. Right now, it is not necessary for asymptomatic health care workers to wear masks, gloves and other PPE while at work unless they are caring for a patient in isolation or have been specifically instructed by Employee Occupational Health and Wellness (EOHW).

3.23.2020 at 7:59 PM: Health care worker ability to work management plan
This new resource from EOHW provides new protocols, testing guidelines and returning to work criteria for all Duke Health team members.

If you are feeling ill or have a question, please call the Duke COVID-19 Hotline at 919-385-0429, option 1, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Beginning March 25, hours will be expanded to 8 a.m. to 8 p.m

3.23.2020 at 2:33 PM: Clinical laboratories go live with CDC-validated COVID-19 test
Today, our clinical laboratories plan to go live with our own CDC-validated COVID-19 test. To maximize the value of having a rapid turnaround time (TAT) test, this test should only be ordered on (1) patients that are already in the hospital for whom COVID-19 testing is clinically indicated (2) patients that we expect to admit for whom COVID-19 testing is clinically indicated (3) healthcare workers who need a negative COVID-19 result to return to work and for whom return to work within 24-hours is essential for patient care.

3.23.2020 at 5:32 AM: Visitor restrictions
Updated visitor restrictions go into effect today to protect against the spread of COVID-19. These changes align with updated visitor policies at all Triangle-area health systems. No visitors will be allowed at all Duke hospitals with limited exceptions. The full list of visitor restrictions and limited exceptions can be found on

Check your inbox for additional updates from the COVID-19 Leadership Task Force.

3.22.2020 at 9 PM: Clinical rotations and precepted experiences canceled
As of Monday, March 23, 2020, clinical rotations and precepted experiences are canceled to limit additional people in the clinical environment. Senior students needing clinical time to meet graduation requirements should communicate with their program coordinator/faculty. Should the situation change on the part of the clinical entities at Duke Health, we will notify your schools directly.

3.22.2020 at 7:59 PM: Visitor screenings and restrictions
On Monday, March 23, our visitor restrictions will be updated until further notice to protect against the spread of COVID-19. These changes align with updated visitor policies at all Triangle-area health systems. Here is the Duke Health webpage informing patients/visitors of these updated restrictions. We also have a flyer to share with patients and visitors:

English Flyer

Patients will continue to be screened at all Duke Health facility entry points.

3.21.2020 at 12:54 PM: A Message of Gratitude from Tom Owens, MD

Tom Owens video












3.20.2020 at 5:17 PM: ED Testing
Tents have been set up in the ambulance bay to test and treat patients for respiratory illnesses and complaints. Screening will include “high risk exposure.” The patient will be evaluated by a provider and triaged to the appropriate level of care. This will allow isolation of this population from other patients using the ED for care. For the safety of our team members, please do not enter the building through the Ambulance bay.

3.20.2020 at 12:03 PM: Road/Lane Closures on Campus
On Friday, access from both ends of Towerview Road will be restricted to all vehicular traffic. Entrance to West Campus will be directed primarily through Science Drive or Research Drive.

3.20.2020 at 5:08 AM: Infection Prevention Updates
Guidance for HCW PPE for Known/Suspected COVID-19 (update) - This table provides updated infection prevention guidance on patient scenarios, outlining HCW provider types, recommended PPE, and preferred room types.

VIDEO: PPE Donning, Doffing and Re-Use of N95 Respirator (update) - These two videos demonstrate the proper procedure for donning and doffing the N95 respirator in inpatient and outpatient settings.