Review this page for more information about the guidelines and resources available on pain management strategy and opioid surveillance at Duke. 


Our Mission

At Duke Health, we are working to create a cohesive strategy to optimize pain management and safe opioid prescribing and to reduce the impact of substance abuse on our community.

Our Vision

  • Utilize evidence-based strategies for optimal care
  • Evolve, learn and inform
  • Offer patient, provider and community education
  • Ensure healthy communities through outreach 
  • Establish a global standard of care

Fast Facts

  • Opioid-tolerant patients generally experience lower satisfaction rates and are more at-risk for:
    • increased 30-day all-cause readmissions
    • increased 30-day ED visits
    • increased adverse events
  • We are collaborating with multiple surgical services to optimize post-hospitalization opioid prescribing, which has led to:
    • improved patient satisfaction rates
    • decreased harm events

Duke Health's Strategic Plan


Our innovative care model for optimizing pain management and opioid surveillance is structured as follows: 

  1. Create a transformative process to make pain management a patient-centered and physician-led multidisciplinary coordinated care model. 
  2. Address the gaps in the continuum of care required for optimal management of pain in our population and outline an innovative clinical framework to transform care by enhancing service to our patients using a value-based approach. 
  3. Build community outreach and infrastructure to improve quality of life and reduce the impact of substance abuse on our population.

Strategic Goals

In collaboration with our partners in the community, region and state, we are focused on the following strategic goals: 


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