Contact the Staffing Hub

Phone: 1-888-423-0043


As patient volumes rise in the coming weeks, we anticipate the need for additional staffing in critical areas, both clinical and non-clinical. To meet this need we have formed a dedicated team of Duke Health staffing leaders to quickly identify qualified, available Duke team members, match their skills to open roles, and deploy them where they are needed most.

Opportunities for Staff to Help

Several facilities have posted COVID-related work shifts in DukeShift. One example is shifts to help with employee and visitor screenings at entrances. There are other areas needing COVID-related help, as well. If you are able to work any of these shifts, find out more here. Be sure to talk with your supervisor and seek their approval before signing up for any additional shifts.


If you have questions about the Staffing Hub, need support with a staffing need, or want to share names of employees eligible to redeploy, you can reach the Staffing Hub by phone at 888-423-0043 or via email at

Selected for Redeployment?

If you’ve been asked to redeploy to another role to help with our COVID-19 response, we know you have many questions. The first is probably, “What exactly will I be doing?” Below are descriptions of available roles and information on who is eligible to perform them.

  • Environmental Services: High-Touch Cleaner 
    (Any team member) High-touch cleaners help keep our patients and our team members safe. The role consists of patrolling an assigned area and using cloths and disinfectant to wipe down all high-touch spots (elevator buttons, door knobs, light switches, hand rails, etc.). 
  • Employee Occupational Health and Wellness (EOHW) 
    (RNs only) Role involves working in a call center to answer COVID-related questions from employees and referring them to their providers. 
  • Employee and Visitor Screeners  
    (Any team member) Screeners greet visitors and our team members as they enter our facilities; these roles may work together, depending on location. The role consists of performing temperature checks with touchless infrared thermometers, asking screening questions, and distributing masks. Patient and visitor screeners ask four questions of patients and visitors to ensure it’s safe for them to enter. Employee screeners provide a colored dot for employee badges that confirms screening was conducted for that day.
  • Hand Hygiene Monitor 
    (Clinical staff members) This role consists of observing and documenting our health care providers’ compliance with hand washing.
  • PPE Observers
    (Any team member) This role involves observing PPE donning and doffing to make sure it’s being done safely and effectively. The position requires two hours of in-person training.
  • Stryker Hood sign-out
    (Any team member) Stryker hoods are part of caregivers’ PPE. The team member will sign them in and out to staff as needed.
  • Supply Distribution 
    (Any team member with ability to lift and carry) This role helps deliver supplies to departments. 
  • Swab Team
    (Clinical staff members) This role collects nasal samples as we test patients for COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions About Redeployment

What does redeployment mean?
In a crisis, we all need to be flexible and do what we can to help meet new and changing demands. The redeployment process helps move team members from existing roles into areas of greater demand to ensure we have the staff we need to deliver safe, high-quality care. If you are asked to redeploy, that means you will serve in a new function, location, shift and/or role within the organization to support operations and patients during this public health emergency. Even if you have been cleared by your supervisor to work from home, you may be asked to return onsite for a redeployment assignment.

How does this help Duke Health?
The people in our community count on us to deliver the care and healing they deserve, especially in times like these. Your flexibility and compassion helps us be there to meet their needs during this global health emergency. It also gives your fellow team members the extra reinforcement they need to meet a rising workload. 

Why was I selected to serve?
Your manager let us know that you have some extra capacity and that your work could be potentially be reprioritized to help us better meet the organization’s vital needs during the pandemic. We know that the new assignment may affect your productivity in your original role, so you and your manager will work together on any needed revisions to existing goals and timelines. 

You’ve told me I’m in the redeployment pool. How and when will I hear about my first assignment?
We may not have an immediate match between our needs and your skills, so you may not hear from us right away. When a match does arise, a coordinator from the Staffing Hub will email you, copying your manager. This message will explain the role you’ve been identified for and tell you how to sign up for shifts.

How will I be trained?
Upon receiving an assignment, a coordinator in the Staffing Hub will reach out to provide you with some high-level information about the role. When you report for your first day of work, you will receive training from the team lead of the group you’ll be working with. 

How is my schedule chosen, and how will I know my shifts?
We will make every effort to align your shift with your typical schedule, but ultimately shifts are determined by our needs for patient care, so you may have a different start time than you normally would. You will receive your schedule from your Staffing Hub coordinator, and it will also be assigned to you via DukeShift. 

As with your regular role, our Availability for Work policy applies. You’re expected to call in if you are not able to work and to remain throughout your assigned shift. Our dress code policy still applies as well. 

Will I have the same supervisor?
During your redeployment assignment, you will report to another leader, who will be available to answer questions, assist with training, and resolve concerns. They will partner with your primary manager as needed. 

How long will my assignment last? Will my original job be waiting for me when I finish my assignment?
The length of the assignment depends on our needs and the role in question. The Staffing Hub coordinator will periodically check in with you, your temporary manager, and your permanent manager about how the work is going and the expected duration of the assignment. When your assignment concludes, you’ll return to your home department full-time.

What PPE or safety equipment will I receive?
You will receive all appropriate PPE that the job in question requires, which could include (but is not limited to): ear-loop masks, gloves, gowns, etc.

What if I cannot physically perform my assignment?
We already consider physical abilities when matching team members to the role, but if something new arises after that point, we will ask you and your manager to work with your local HR manager to complete an accommodation request. 

What if I’m not comfortable doing this role?
During this public health emergency, we expect all of our team members to remain flexible and be available to work onsite when needed to support our operations and patients. If you believe you are unable to accept a redeployment assignment, discuss your circumstances with your manager. Refusal to accept an assignment without reasonable justification will result in additional review and may be to subject disciplinary action.